Hands on tools


Tools, instructions and links to softwares and datasets used during the school.
This page will be updated as need be.

We are providing a fully functional Virtual Machine that can run under "Virtual Box". The machine is pre-installed with all necessary software and data for the Hands-On sessions (afternoons).

You may install Virtual Box on your laptop from :


A link to download the IYAS Virtual Machine will be provided later :

Virtual Machine (link available 30 days)

login : anonymous, password : "Whatever you wish"

The file is expected to be large 5 to 10 Gbytes. When deployed, the machine occupies 10 Gbytes, and can extend up to 30 Gb if needed (when files are created on it).

Instructions for the deployment are given in the following document.

Details one the Hands On will be provided as soon as possible.
Access to the original softwares web sites

Here you can find all required informations on the various tools :

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