Research in astrophysics and space is mostly done in English. As a consequence, AStroParis is taught in English.


The challenge of English is twofold : to train French-speaking students in the practice of English on the one hand, to welcome English-speaking students on the other hand. As this transformation compared to previous courses in French is challenging, we intend to implement English teaching gradually, to reach ambitious and reasonable objectives.

We are planning to switch to English in a variety of ways :
- English lectures
- Modules in flipped pedagogy in English in other cases, with tutoring : students will benefit from existing course materials (monographs, handouts ...) and a tutorial in English adapted to optimize knowledge transfer and control achievements ; project training will be conducted in English with no difficulty.

All lectures will progressively be available in English
- at the M1 level ; starting september 2020
- at the M2 level (PROVISIONAL SCHEDULE) : before 2023 a selection of lectures only will be in English ; meanwhile, all modules will be available in English thanks to flipped pedagogy ; all trainings can be performed in English.

Flipped pedagogy means, for a given unit :
- Introduction lecture in English, explaining the goals of the teaching unit
- Knowledge acquisition with any support in English (online lecture, book, handout in English)
- Individual tutoring and exercises in parallel with the knowledge acquisition
- Examination in English

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