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Employability of students is a major objective of the training offered by the graduate program.

Education through astrophysical and space research

The graduate program provides a training through astrophysics by developing the various professional skills brought by the practice of fundamental research and engineering : theoretical expertise, methodological expertise, professional skills of international collaboration and project management.
AStroParis aims at improving the training of all graduates, both at the Master’s and doctorate level, and thus to foster their employability for all highly qualified jobs that require a proficient expertise in the numerous skills that are developed through research. The students of AStroParis therefore benefit from a wide variety of career opportunities after their Master’s degree or their PhD, in various fields such as consulting, engineering, R&D, project management, and of course research in astrophysics and space sciences.


AStroParis capitalizes the experience of the Master SUTS and Doctoral School AAIF in astrophysics in Île-de-France, which are highly performing for the employability of graduated and PhD students. Nowadays, about 110 PhDs in astrophysics are trained each year in France, with just over 40 within the doctoral school AAIF. On the long run, about one third of the doctors have a career in academic research and engineering ; and about two thirds work in the industry. The debate about training through or for research is thus long since closed. Based on this fact, the graduate program aims at amplifying and making easier the employability of all graduates, whether they leave the program after a Master or a PhD.

Professional skills

Nobody knows the future of any student entering the graduate school ; will it be academic research, industrial research, or any other high-level position ? The large multiplicity of possible careers is an asset for the program, so that in any professional qualities have to be consolidated.

From the education through research, all graduates will be skilled in :
- English
- assertive communication
- writing (articles, reports, docs)
- ability to plan, organize, and prioritize their work…
According to the selected majors, other professional skills will be gained : project management, budget

In addition, AStroParis promotes varied actions, for all the graduates
- help with the writing of CV corresponding to the different types of employment (from the CV in 1 page according to the criteria of the French job market to the detailed CV of research in English)
- writing motivation letters
- skills assessment provided with the assistance of professionals
- validation of the qualification in English with the TOEIC.
- PhD students also have access to all similar programs proposed by the Doctoral College of PSL.

These trainings offered by professionals make the insertion of PhDs easier in all job markets : research in academia, research in industry and the private sector, engineering

For those who begin academic research, we propose a Marie-Curie Master class preparing PhDs to apply to the most advanced post-docs, such as those for the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions. This training focusses on the best ways to present an ambitious and credible research agenda.

No student will validate the diploma without professional training.

Ethics in research

AStroParis’ students will be advised about ethics in research

with an emphasis on the prevention of plagiarism


The follow-up of all students will be conducted with an alumni association, in connection with existing alumni associations (AUDDAS for previous PhD alumni, AMOSAE for OSAE alumni, and the recent BDE for all students and former students of Paris Observatory). The meetings bringing together the different promotions, such as the AMOSAE meetings, will be encouraged with a more frequent frequency.

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