All competitive projects in astrophysics conducted in PSL are used as a support for the Graduate Program.

The scientific projects on which the training offer is based are all competitive projects in astrophysics conducted in PSL will be used as a support for the training.

AStroParis’ students will learn from their participation to :
 individual or team projects with fundings from the French National Research Agency (ANR), from the European Research Council (ERC), from the Domaine d’intérêt majeur en astrophysique et conditions d’apparition de la vie (DIM ACAV) ; projects run by members of the University Paris-Sciences-Lettres
 team projects identified as promising and innovative.
 projects supported as scientific priorities by PSL laboratories or federative actions of the Paris Observatory ;
 projects of the Interdisciplinary and Strategic Research Initiatives (IRIS) Origins and Conditions for the Emergence of Life (OCAV) ;
 projects hosted by the space pole C²ERES ;
 large space-borne or ground-based projects of the discipline led by space agencies and large observatories.

Given the size of the Paris Observatory, which represents a third of the forces of astrophysics in France, these projects cover a vast range of astrophysical research, from theoretical research to the realization of projects including R&D, instrumentation, observation, modeling, numerical analysis...

Laboratories Teams involved
APC high energy, cosmology, gravitation
GEPI all
LMD planetolgy
LPENS astrophysics
LPP space plasmas
LUTH all



Methodological skills



 IRIS OCAV (astrophysics, biology, chemistry) : AStroParis is a partner in the program " conditions d’apparition de la vie / life appearance conditions" component of IRIS OCAV. This program extends AStroParis’ skills in astrophysics towards exobiology, a booming discipline that will be irrigated by many future astrophysics projects.
 IRIS Data Science, Science Data : Convergence between AStroParis and this IRIS occurs through projects in the discipline that produce or use large amounts of data.
 PSL postdoctoral fellowships in astrophysics at Paris Observatory
 All other graduate programs, for interdisciplinarity

Selection of the projects

All competitive projects in astrophysics conducted in PSL can be used as a support for the training. The call of the projects is made each year by the board of AstroParis. Each year, the board of AStroParis reports its action to its supervisory authorities (PSL, scientific council of the Observatory of Paris…).

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