Application (M1)

Each student applying to the graduate program AStroParis is required to present a research & education project. Majors and tracks must be selected accordingly. Before being validated, the relevance and coherence of the project are tested by the teaching team of AStroParis and modulations can be proposed.

Recruiting standard

Selection for the graduate program is made on the basis of
 Quality and feasibility of the proposal.
 Academic or professional record.
 Personal qualifications.
 Relevance and consistency of the research project.
 For non-native English speakers : B2 level in English, at least.

Applicants should pay attention to
 the adequacy of the previous trainings to the requirements of the proposed training,
 the quality of the research project ; we expect a student to have a good analysis of the proposed training offer and use it to build a coherent research training path. With a solid personal project, a student can build a Master with the various expertise required to arm his research project.
 the future prospects towards which the student projects himself.

Three criteria illustrate how your educational trajectory is constructed in a relevant way
 past : valorization of the initial training ;
 present : optimal exploitation of resources provided by the graduate program ;
 future : adequacy between your objectives and your skills gained through the graduate program

Documents for the application form

For applying, you have to prepare the following elements
 Full CV including usual biographical data
 Academic transcripts
 Education and research program, with

  • summary : field of study ; concise description of the what, where, and why of the proposed project ; brief description of career and/or educational plans following the AStroParis grant.
  • the detailed program for your year(s) with AStroParis (2-3 pages). Develop an intellectually-compelling and feasible project or justification for pursuing a graduate degree program ; pay attention to show how your academic and personal skill can be used for the project, and how they will evolve for building your education/research/professional program.
  • two recommendation letters, to be directly sent to the head of the program  ; please indicate the names and function of the persons to whom you have asked for a letter of recommendation.

Application form

Follow the link

Research projects

All competitive projects in astrophysics conducted in PSL are used as a support for the training.

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