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Good practice of research

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Gender policy

The rate of female student applying for and following the Master SUTS in astrophysics is relatively low, around 20%. At the same time, the rate of women undertaking a PhD in astrophysics in the doctoral school AAIF reaches up to 25 to 40%, depending on the specialty. But later on, the rate of women applying for and starting their career in astrophysics with a full position, both within PSL and at the national level, drops down to about 20%. The latter figure used to be steady and around 30%, some twenty years ago. This drop clearly highlights that correction measurements ought to be achieved. Some are starting to be applied, for instance by CNRS, at Universities and in some Observatories, with noticeable but insufficient results. The graduate program aims at pursuing these efforts as efficiently as possible, with the to raise these figures at least to their former level.

In practice we aim to effectively train more women through research. To reach this goal, we will use different ways :
 Most important, the graduate program AStroParis is constructed in order to bring the most efficient qualities for ensuring a successful professional future, since a reason explaining the low percentage of women in astrophysics derives from the fact that a permanent position in academic research is typically gained after 4 years of post-doc positions).
 Second, implicit and hidden biases causing gender inequality have to be corrected : many studies explain these numerous biases and indicated convenient ways to correct them.
 Identifying these biases is required to, third, propose fair gender neutral criteria for any steps of the university studies (admission, grants, follow-up committee, recommendation letters).
 The program AStroParis, offering an education through astrophysical research based on the gain of methodological and professional skills, is constructed in order to ensure equal opportunities.

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